What Vanilla Syrup Does McDonald’s Use?

However, Mcdonald’s also offers a plethora of caffeine products, including delicious vanilla-flavored drinks, including the extremely popular vanilla iced coffee. But where does this vanilla flavoring come from?

McDonald’s uses Torani vanilla syrup. McDonald’s uses this vanilla syrup in vanilla-flavored beverages like their vanilla iced coffee. Torani vanilla syrup is not a tricky ingredient to come by and offers a sweet and powerful vanilla flavor. 

In this article, I’ll explain Mcdonald’s choice of vanilla syrup and where you can get your hands on some. I’ll also explore where you can get your hands on the ingredients and what else you need to make your own Mcdonald’s vanilla iced coffee at home. 

Vanilla and Hazelnut syrup

Where To Find Torani Vanilla Syrup

If you want to replicate that distinctive sweet flavor you get from Mcdonald’s various vanilla-flavored products, you need to get your hands on the vanilla syrup they use. So, where can you find Torani vanilla syrup?

Torani vanilla syrup is not difficult to find. This product is available in most grocery stores and supermarkets. However, as this syrup is also used in cocktails, you can find Torani vanilla syrup in liquor stores. 

You can even buy Torani vanilla syrup from online retailers. 

Torani Syrup, Vanilla (available on Amazon.com) is a delightful, fragrant addition to your favorite beverages. This syrup is an Amazon bestseller, and for a good reason. It comes at a bargain price and tastes fantastic in iced and hot coffees. 

Torani Sugar-Free Syrup, Vanilla (available on Amazon.com) is a fantastic Torani vanilla syrup that contains no sugar. This is excellent for those who love the sweet taste of vanilla but want to avoid added sugar. This product also comes in a money-saving four-pack. 

Torani Vanilla Syrup Alternatives 

Torani vanilla syrup is not your only choice for high-quality vanilla syrup to sweeten your coffee. There are many more options available that you can use, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Here are some of the best Torani vanilla syrup alternatives that you can use in your morning brew. 

  • Vanilla beans: Vanilla beans taste incredible; however, they can cost you more than using flavorings or syrups. To use vanilla beans in a drink, scrape the pods with a knife to scrape off the pure vanilla. You can then mix these seeds directly into your coffee or your choice of milk that you will add to your beverage. 
  • Vanilla essence: Vanilla essence is a concentrated vanilla liquid that’s fantastic for enhancing your favorite hot and cold drinks. All you need to do is pour a couple of drops into a drink, and you’ll be surprised with how strong the flavor is. It’s best not to use too much as the essence can become overpowering. 
  • Vanilla powder: Most people do not know this, but vanilla also comes in powdered form. The vanilla powder can be mixed into various types of milk and directly into the coffee itself. Vanilla powder is a typically potent ingredient, so use it sparingly to avoid spoiling your coffee. 
  • Maple syrup: If you are not set on a vanilla flavor, maple syrup makes an excellent substitute for your favorite drinks. Maple syrup is wonderful in both hot and cold coffees. However, when using it in cold coffee, it’s best to add it when the coffee is still hot before you’ve added the ice. 

Other Ingredients to Make McDonald’s Vanilla Iced Coffee at Home

Most people wonder about the type of vanilla syrup Mcdonald’s uses to flavor its coffee. You may also be curious about what else Mcdonald’s includes to produce their delicious and popular vanilla iced coffee. 

Here are the ingredients needed to make your own McDonald’s style vanilla iced coffee at home.

Once you’ve got the suitable Torani vanilla syrup for your homemade vanilla iced coffee, all you need is ice, milk, and coffee. 

Follow these steps to make McDonald’s Vanilla Iced Coffee at home: 

  1. Brew your favorite type of coffee; arabica beans work best.
  2. Add ½ cup (118.3 ml) of Torani vanilla syrup and ½ cup (118.3 ml) of milk to the coffee. 
  3. Place the mixture in a shaker with some ice cubes.
  4. Shake well and serve in a tall glass.

You can use any milk for your vanilla iced coffee. While McDonald’s uses half and half, you can choose anything from total fat to almond milk. Experiment with different kinds of milk to find what one suits your tastes best. 

Another way of switching up this recipe is by swapping out Torani vanilla syrup with sugar-free syrup. This way, you can still enjoy your favorite cold drink without it interfering with a healthy lifestyle. 

You can also use whatever coffee beans you like; however, be careful about the beans your choose, as the wrong kind could be sour and interfere with the vanilla flavorings. 

The Vanilla Syrup Used by Starbucks

Starbucks offers a range of vanilla-flavored beverages. They sell everything from vanilla lattes to vanilla iced coffee. But what vanilla flavorings do Starbucks choose to use in their drinks? And does it differ from Mcdonald’s choice of vanilla syrup? What about the iced coffee from Chick-fil-A?

Starbucks uses its own natural flavored vanilla syrup. Like most Starbucks products, you can purchase their vanilla syrup from your local Starbucks. This syrup is used in all Starbucks vanilla flavored drinks, but it will cost you more than Torani vanilla syrup and offers much of the same results. 

If you are interested in the various vanilla syrups used by different coffee stores, you can learn more in my article about the syrup Dutch Bros uses. 

Final Thoughts

McDonald’s uses Torani vanilla syrup for their vanilla-flavored coffees. This brand of vanilla syrup is affordable but delicious. You can find it in most good supermarkets and liquor stores. Torani vanilla syrup is even available to buy online. 

You can make your own McDonald’s vanilla iced coffee at home using the Torani vanilla syrup and just a few other ingredients. Combine coffee, your choice of milk, and Torani syrup with some ice, and enjoy. 


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