About Me

I’m Charlie, an IT professional with over 20 years in the industry. Family man and passionate about Specialty Coffee. The reason behind this site is to share my journey through Specialty Coffee, its different flavors, and aromas.

For some weird reason, coffee was not part of my routine until I had kids. Then, it started te become the fuel not to sleep at work.

That was true until I met the Aeropress. That was the gadget that started all for me.

Since that day, I started a journey of trying new coffee beans and equipment and procedures. My scientific brain started to request testings and comparisons, which I decided to share with you on this website.

I started to treat coffee as source of investigation, exploration and amuse.

Then, exploration led to try new devices and machines.

Due to other responsibilities, we have been exposed to beans from South America, Brazil to be specific, Central America, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, and Honduras.

We have compared this to more commercial brands, and documented our experiences.

Expect a lot of information from beans, equipment and coffee based drinks.

Enjoy your cup !