The Specialty Coffee DB

During our journey, we keep coming across new options. The coffee market for specialty coffee is in constant growth, and there are a lot of niche players. We wanted to consolidate our discoveries across the Specialty Coffee scene in our Specialty Coffee Database.

Here we share our findings:

BoliviaAPCERLBuyCaramel, Milk Chocolate, Cream, and Velvet
BoliviaAPCERLBuySweet and Cocoa-Laced
BrazilMinas GeraisBuySweet, Chocolatey, and Pleasantly Clean
BrazilThe Fazenda Recreio FarmBuyNutty, Sweet Hazelnut, and Raspberry Hints
ColombiaHuila FarmsBuyFlowers, Tropical Fruits, and Apple Jacks
Costa RicaLa CandelillaBuyHoney, Oranges, and Spices
Costa RicaTirraBuyPineapple Blackberry Jam, Sweet Tea, and Peach Candy
Costa RicaTarrazuBuyNuts, Honey, and Caramel
Costa RicaTarrazuBuyClean Body, Apples, and Nuts
El SalvadorSmall farmersBuyChocolate
GuatemalaNueva GranadaBuyFlowers and herbal notes
NicaraguaNicaraguan CooperativeBuyBourbon Barrel Aged Nicaraguan Arabica beans
NicaraguaNicaraguan CooperativeBuyWhiskey Barrel Aged Nicaraguan Arabica beans
NicaraguaBlendBuyWild Fermented Wine Infused Coffee
NicaraguaLas BotijasBuyRed Currant, Rose, Stone Fruit
HondurasParaideliBuyHibiscus, Lime, Mandarin Orange
GuatemalaAdiesto (NC)BuyTangerine, peach and honey
BrazilFazenda Dutra (NC)BuyCocoa and Walnut
RwuandaMisozi Kopaki (NC)BuyLime, Cherry and Blackberry
EthiopiaOromia Cooperative (NC)BuyBlackberry and dried fruits
ColombiaAGPROCEM (NC)BuyCherry and Milk Chocolate
PeruCOOPAFSI (NC)BuyCherry and Milk Chocolate
SumatraKoperasi Pedagang Kopi (NC)BuySavory and herbal notes of bakers chocolate and Vanilla
CubaCuba (NC)BuyFull Body

This list is a live document, work in progress, or any other name you would like to use for updating a record regularly.

Technology has now allowed third-party coffee roasters to pack Nespresso Compatible capsules (Original capsule, not Nespresso Vertuo – you can find more details on compatibility here.)

We have marked the list with NC, which stands for Nespresso Compatible capsules. Everything else on the list is whole bean bags.