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What makes single origin coffee spe...
What makes single origin coffee special?

During our journey, we keep coming across new options. If this is not the essence to specialty coffee, I don’t know what is.

Here we share our findings:

BoliviaAPCERLBuyCaramel, Milk Chocolate, Cream, and Velvet
BoliviaAPCERLBuySweet and Cocoa-Laced
BrazilMinas GeraisBuySweet, Chocolatey, and Pleasantly Clean
BrazilThe Fazenda Recreio FarmBuyNutty, Sweet Hazelnut, and Raspberry Hints
ColombiaHuila FarmsBuyFlowers, Tropical Fruits, and Apple Jacks
Costa RicaLa CandelillaBuyHoney, Oranges, and Spices
Costa RicaTirraBuyPineapple Blackberry Jam, Sweet Tea, and Peach Candy
Costa RicaTarrazuBuyNuts, Honey, and Caramel
Costa RicaTarrazuBuyClean Body, Apples, and Nuts
El SalvadorSmall farmersBuyChocolate

This list is a live document, work in progress, or any other name you would like to use to a document being updated on a regular basis.