La Pavoni Vs. Rocket: Which Machine Is Superior?

When it comes to espresso, La Pavoni Europiccola and Rocket Appartamento are considered among the major players. While they offer superb output, their names might sound cool, making you further confused. You might be thinking about how to decide the right brand? What to look for in an espresso machine?

Ideally, seven factors must be considered while deciding on an espresso machine. These include i) Durability, ii) Grinding Capacity, iii) Water Storage, iv) Frothing Capability, v) Ease of Cleaning, vi) Ease of Storage, and vii) Extras.

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If you’re interested in knowing which is better among La Pavoni and Rocket, keep reading this article until the end. It’ll guide you through all the essential factors to be considered, helping you finalize a brand.

Factors To Consider In An Espresso Machine

This section will talk about the factors that you must consider in an espresso machine in detail.

1.  Durability

Durable espresso can handle physical pressure (and abuse). A good espresso is capable of running all day without malfunctioning or breaking down. Such a machine can operate without overheating and or affecting the quality of your coffee. After all, the last thing you want when you want a hot espresso is a broken espresso maker.

2.  Grinder Capacity

A grinder may be built-in or separate. Most of the expensive espressos come with a pre-installed grinder. But models without a built-in grinder will require a separate grinder, further adding to your expense.

Furthermore, you must check the grinder’s quality and capacity. If you brew a lot of coffee, then you’ll need a high-capacity grinder. Espresso with a built-in grinder is more convenient and requires lesser storage space.

3.  Water Storage Capacity

Most of the espresso machines can hold water for making 8-10 cups of coffee. A higher capacity tank means increased cost. Some models are large enough to connect to a water source, but that’s not feasible everywhere. If you brew less coffee, a smaller tank will work. Just remember to enquire about the water tank capacity.

4.  Frothing Capability

A lot of espresso machines are capable of making drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiato, etc. If you’re into such drinks, make sure that the model you’re looking for has a frother that can froth the milk. Fortunately, most expensive machines come with a pre-installed frother.

5.  Ease Of Cleaning

Making a great coffee would be fun, but cleaning the machine afterward will be troublesome. Before proceeding with your purchase, you must know well how much effort you will have to put into cleaning the machine. Find out whether or not you can reassemble the machine for cleaning purposes.

6.  Ease Of Storage

It would be best if you went for an espresso machine which you can store conveniently. It must take up optimal space in your storage area. It is essential because if you don’t brew coffee every day, you’d probably want to store the machine until your next use.

7.  Extras

Extras here mean additional features that are ignored but play a significant role in the model selection process. For instance, check out the power cord length, extra mountable accessories, and freebies along with the model. Go through the warranty-related information, the material used to manufacture the product, etc.

La Pavoni Vs. Rocket: Comparison & Summary

This section will review both the models and compare them from several different perspectives to find out which is better.

La Pavoni & Rocket Comparison Table

BasisLa PavoniRocket
Material  It is made of gleaming copper and polished brass.It is made of stainless steel with a fine finish.
DesignEnhances the beauty of the kitchen and the glory of your counter.Sleek design. The design resembles a cuboid box but delivers a classic touch and feel around the kitchen.
AppearanceOffers a royal and rich appearance due to golden color.Offers a classic look due to silvery color.
BrewingUses pre-infusion technology.Uses pre-infusion technology as well. Delivers smooth coffee extraction resulting in amazing body and crema. Features are controlling pump pressure, which enhances espresso taste.
Cleaning & MaintenanceSimpler cleaning process. Add vinegar to the water tank. Finally, run clean water at least once to flush out all the vinegar.Cleaning process similar to La Pavoni. Watch this video to learn more.
Build QualityThe copper and brass all together offer excellent strength and durability to the product. You can expect it to last longer (for years). However, the seals and gaskets may require attention after a few months.It uses stainless steel, which offers tremendous strength to the overall product. However, if compared to La Pavoni, this product might lose in terms of durability. Still, expect it to last for several years.

La Pavoni Quick Summary

Let’s review La Pavoni in a nutshell. We’ll consider factors, which make them superior (in terms of drink’s taste).

Coffee Preparation & Taste

Since taste is judged based on an individual’s preferences, we can’t argue much on this topic. The coffee preparation process isn’t much complicated. But still, you’ll need to invest some time in learning what you’re doing.

The manual/lever espresso maker allows extended control over what you’re doing. You can control every part of the machine to get the exact taste you’re seeking. With all that said, it’s safe to conclude that the taste of the final product will vary based on your inputs. There’s a long list of recipes that you can try out on this machine. So let’s say that you can expect several kinds of flavors with La Pavoni.

Preinfusion Can Be Confusing

At the beginning of brewing, coffee exposes to low-pressure water, which is called pre-infusion. This so-called pre-infusion is very important to deliver wonderful flavor to your drink. In La Pavoni, the coffee swells up inside the filter basket. There are no lights and or buzzers to indicate the pre-infusion; that’s why it’s slightly confusing.

You’ll have to raise the lever once you feel the coffee is swollen enough. Then you’ll have to wait for at least 6 seconds. You’ll then notice some drops dripping from the Portafilter, which indicates that the pre-infusion is complete. Since it can be confusing, you’ll have to invest some time in getting familiar with this stuff.

Rocket Quick Summary

Let’s consider some factors that can make Rocket a superior machine to La Pavoni.

Better Espresso Taste

We introduced controlling pump pressure earlier. But how’s that important? Actually, in Rocket, dual gauges let you keep an eye on the pump pressure during extraction. It offers absolute control over the process, hence resulting in better extraction. And it’s well said that better extraction means better taste.

Efficient Functioning For Better Longevity

Rocket features two boilers dedicated to espresso production and steam. It allows you to do both functions simultaneously while controlling the temperature of both the boilers at once. As a result, it’ll improve the efficiency and longevity of your Rocket.

So Which One Do I Buy?

Both the models offer almost similar durability. The design can positively influence your decision. We’ve discussed the internal functioning of each, so go for one which suits you best. Based on several comments on Reddit, people are more into La Pavoni than Rocket. It might also shape your final decision.


By the end of this article, we’ve compared La Pavoni and Rocket on several factors. We’ve also discussed their coffee-making process, which can favorably affect your buying decision. Our job was to offer the right information; now it’s up to you to buy the model that best impressed you. Good luck and happy brewing!

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