Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Orlando (2023)

Orlando, a city in central Florida, is a magical place to be owing to its amazing theme parks, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and fairytale parks. It’s as if magic dust is sprinkled on everything in Orlando. A place of art, there are art galleries, malls, and as many as 100 lakes in Orlando.

Blended with all this, Orlando has been recognized as a top city in America by coffee enthusiasts. The coffee culture of Orlando is rich and one that has won honors.

Coffee Shops in Orlando are very colorful. The market of Specialty Coffee is gaining a lot of momentum.

What is best with a cup of coffee? Another cup

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Orlando holds space for coffee massively. More cafes are emerging and more communities are merging. Art and coffee are weaving a whiff of pure magic, enhancing the magic Orlando is all about. And, not to mention, spotting local coffee lovers is a yummy treat.

And, these efforts bring us to pour light on the efforts of those who are working passionately for the love of coffee. Here are some spaces you may want to look forward to the next time you visit Orlando and crave coffee:

1. Lineage Coffee Roasting

Coffee is best enjoyed with cheerful company, do you agree? Well, at Lineage Coffee Roasting, you’re bound to connect over coffee and dive deep into the essence of the coffee community. Compassion and passion, love and care, coffee and community, that’s what Lineage Coffee Roasting is for you. They pour spoonfuls of love and grace in every cup of coffee they serve. Acquiring coffee beans from Guatemala, Colombia, & Kenya, they weave brews with a matchless dedication. And, ah, with tons of choices to choose from (such as Pacamara beans), you can reach out to their humble members to taste what suits and aligns with your coffee-loving soul. Not to forget, they are supremely famous for their cold brew coffee.

On a side note, my appreciation for Cold Brew Coffee has increased dramatically, mostly during the hot season. This applies to Orlando, FL that has a summer of over 85º F.

You can visit their locations at:

3201 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

1011 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

11556 University Blvd, Orlando, FL 32817

If you can’t visit personally, you can also shop online on their site for their selection.

2. Foxtail Coffee

It’s the effort you put into brewing and the taste you serve that matters. Foxtail Coffee has proven its worth like none other. Founded less than 5 years ago, they have gone as far as opening their 10th store. Fantastic! When you go right with coffee and stay true to it, success and people show up, powerfully. Their flavors ranging from lemongrass to blueberries to dark chocolate – speak volumes about the creativity they hold space for. With coffee lovers switching to a touch of ice in their coffees, they have made sure to serve the very best of the iced ones in Orlando. Consistency and quality – that’s the badge Foxtail Coffee holds space for.

One of my personal interests was that they are roasting their coffee in Winter Park Florida, Orlando. When it says roasted recently and close to the shop, it really gets my attention.

If you ask me for my recommendation, I’ll suggest the Colombia and Ethiopia Single-Estate pour orver.

Side note: freshly roasted coffee beans increase coffee cup quality – here you can read more about it.

Foxtail has several locations, here you would find some of them:

1282 N Orange Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

7610 W Sand Lake Rd B106, Orlando, FL 32819

8200 Vineland Ave #200, Orlando, FL 32821

390 N Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32801

333 S Garland Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

2401 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806

If you can’t visit, you can order online from their website.

3. Achilles Art Cafe

Yearning to dive into local as well as European vibes? Founded in 2008, Achilles Art Cafe offers the coziest European vibes you can think of. Laden with artwork, paintings with sales offered to support your love for art, you’ll feel held in the comfort of art & coffee. Resemblance to art, they offer nothing short of heavenly art & surreal coffee. Indulge in some cozy moments while coffee and the presence of art comforts and serves you.

They are located at:

2869 Wilshire Dr #103, Orlando, FL 32835

4. Café D’Avignon

A relatively new space for Orlando, Café D’Avingnon has surely earned a name for huge gatherings and individual spaces as well. It’s as if they claim they have got everyone’s tastes covered. An expansive space, there is a sense of openness and clarity. From smooth to refreshing, cold to hot, you ask and are served. A place to relax and unwind, this space is one you could seek for a cool hanging out experience.

Café d’Avignon is an artisanal bakery café based in NYC, but they opened a location near Orlando.

This is not Orlando per se, but we happened to be around and consider it a very good recommendation:

Citrus Ridge, Kissimmee, Florida 34747

Can’t visit, they have an online shop and you can also order delivery.

5. Holy Grain Coffee Shop

Brazilian Coffee in Orlando, you must be wondering how? Well, at Holy Grain Coffee Shop, the owner being Brazilian has brought along a lovely Brazilian take on coffee and food.  Be it Brazilian cappuccino or any other drink, you shift places as you savor each sip. It’s a wonder to be in different places with a cup of coffee. An experience of sorts, for sure.

We visited their location:

6735 Conroy Rd STE 109, Orlando, FL 32835

If you can’t visit, here you would find their website.

6. Axum Coffee

Axum, as the name goes, started its journey in Axum. An approach of giving back, an attempt of a couple to host community, the story of Axum Coffee is one that warms the heart. Not only are the coffee beans the very best of all, but the love that goes in roasting them is matchless. Be it alone, with family or friends, this space will welcome you wholeheartedly.

I found coffee from Brazil and Ethiopia; on top of their giving blend.

You can visit Axum at:

146 W Plant St STE 110, Winter Garden, FL 34787

If you can’t visit personally, you can check their site for online orders.

7. Paloma Coffee Co.

Are you invested in celebrities and fancy a glimpse or a possible encounter with them? Well, then Paloma Coffee heard you right. A range of coffees including those from Miami, and  Panther coffee, you’re bound to have an adventurous coffee experience. On top of that, the style of your coffee is regarded and as you want your coffee, same will be served with honor.

You can visit Paloma Coffee at:

507 Main St, Windermere, FL 34786

8. Keke’s Breakfast Cafe

The aroma of coffee works like a stress buster in the morning. So, how about a breakfast with a whiff of coffee? And, and, not to mention, there is no cup of coffee big enough to satisfy a coffee lover. At Keke’s Breakfast Cafe, you get a massive quantity of coffee to go with your breakfast and other meals. A family’s spot, a children’s spot, a spot for one and all, you are all in for a stuffed meal. Huge cups of coffee and delicious meals, this place earns a spot for food and coffee in generous quantities.

You can visit

7512 Dr Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

9. Craft & Common

When you feel welcome, you sense the magic of coffee more deeply. At Craft & Common, you’ll feel at home. It’s the familiar essence they weave for the coffee lover in you. Coffee, craft beers, wine, cocktails – with a touch of warmth and specialty is what you may expect of Craft & Common. Coffee as a unique masterpiece, coffee as a warm hug, coffee as a gentle pat – this and so much more is the essence of Craft & Common.

From our experience, we had the chance to try coffee from Las Lajas estate from Costa Rica, dried using the black honey process.

Also, there was an option from Dominican Republic.

Visit Craft & Common at:

47 E Robinson St #100, Orlando, FL 32801

10. Cafe de’ Paris

How about savoring the beautiful views of Orlando with a divine cup of coffee? At Cafe de’ Paris, you can indulge in the taste of rich Turkish coffee, Lavazza brewed coffee, and so much more that too in the comfort of nature and surroundings. There is always a sense of closeness and joy when we drink the best cup of coffee with a touch of cool breeze, wouldn’t you agree? And, this delicious stillness is offered by Cafe de’ Paris quite gently. Dig in.

You can visit at the following location:

5170 Dr. Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

If you can’t visit personally, you can also shop online on their site for their house blend.

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