Barista Warrior Pour Over Kit: Full Review

Barista Warrior Warrior: Pour Over Kit.

Specialty Coffee should be handled as such, especially. There are several ways to highlight the different notes of a specialty coffee bean. This is where the Barista Warriors Pour Over kit comes into play as a very suitable option.

Barista Warrior Pour Over Kit Box

Any good coffee setup requires several tools to get the best out of your coffee. With the Barista Warrior Pour Over Kit you’ll get a reusable metallic filter and a beautiful jar to receive your freshly brewed coffee.

The Barista Warrior Pour-Over Kit includes the following:

  1. 1,000 ml glass carafe
  2. the Barista Warrior Reusable Dual Layer Filter, and
  3. coffee scoop
Barista Warrior Pour Over Kit

If you like your cup of coffee to be clean and prefer a reusable filter, this is a great option for you. You will get paper-filter quality coffee with a reusable filter. Zero-waste.

The jar is very beautiful, with an opening that matches the filter for ease of use. It has been marked up to 1000 ml. It also has cup marks, each cup being of 150 ml. It also BPA free components and a heat-resistant handle.

Even though the jar holds up to 1,000 ml, I wouldn’t suggest brewing up to such an amount because it could top with the metal filter.

As you can see in the picture, during the brewing process, it will get clouded due to the hot coffee.

Barista Warrior Kettle Clouded

While using this kit, I got the best coffee using a medium grind. The medium grind allows the optimal balance for the extraction time for the metallic coned-shaped filter from Barista Warriors.

Why? Finer grinds restrain the water from flowing fast through the coffee. This increases the time the water is in contact with the beans, which could result in an over-extracted coffee.

Coarse grind? The other end of the spectrum is not good, either. The hot water will find little resistance from the ground coffee, flowing quickly down the filter, resulting in an under-extracted coffee, which tastes flat.

The grind size will also benefit outside of the taste of the coffee. That will be the cleaning process.

What are the benefits of the Barista Warrior Reusable Coffee Filter?

The Barista Warrior reusable metallic filter has several benefits:

  1. Allows the passing of the oils from the coffee. Oils are very important to some coffee lovers. Oils can change the flavor of a coffee cup dramatically.
  2. Clean cup. Dual filtration allows a clean cup, like a paper filter.
  3. Easy to clean. Dishwasher-friendly.
  4. Eco-friendly. One filter, zero-waste.
  5. Compatible with Chemex, Hario V60, or Hario 03.

How to clean a Barista Warrior filter?

The Reusable Barista Warrior filter is dishwasher friendly. Discard the grounded beans within the filter and then pour fresh warm water to remove the smaller parts of the grounded coffee. Every 2 weeks descale the filter by soaking it in a bowl for 30 minutes with 33% warm water and 67% vinegar or citric acid.

If you tend to use medium-coarse coffee, this will ease your cleaning process.

Charlie Suggests: For a price under $50 is a very good option for drip coffee, for a clean cup, and reusable filter – You can get it on (Amazon).

Note that you can also buy the filter alone on (Amazon)

The Barista Warrior reusable filter comes in several colors: Black, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

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